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By Kenneth Grahame

Hailed as the most enduringly well known works of the 20 th century, The Wind within the Willows is a vintage of magical fancy and mesmerizing wit. Penned in lyrical prose, the adventures and misadventures of the book’s intrepid quartet of heroes—Mole, Water Rat, Badger, and, after all, the incorrigible Toad—raise myth to the extent of myth.

Reflecting the freshness of youth ask yourself, the tale nonetheless deals adults never-ending sophistication, substance, and intensity. The animals’ global embodies the author’s wry, whimsical, and unfailingly creative mind's eye. it's a global that succeeding generations of either grownup and younger readers have came upon impossible to resist. yet why say extra? to take advantage of the phrases of the estimable Mr. Toad himself: “Travel, switch, curiosity, excitement!…Come inside.”

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