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0 and if : Then = if x ~ if x = 0 d (F)d , x / O , . * Proof. 1) and with I. ID. = 1 + 0 = 1 . b e called call henceforth the road", 1 and is and we suppose a polynomial shall easily X d Xo of is degree absolutely prove a character m with irreducible. , we h a v e xEF Ch. Theorem q yd _ f(X) 1 ~ This from X(0) s o far w i l l so studied of . follow * F /(F ) q q of X /Xo characters THEOREM 2 B . e. Then f(X) Suppose E F IX] q is is a character of degree f(X) = c~(X)) of order m and i s d with not of the if 2 q > 100 d m , we h a v e a g a i n Later type X not d > 1 .

It is r e a d i l y defined a n d is a c h a r a c t e r . residue gets Xa group class of distinct a (modulo characters form a group which hence it is c y c l i c X a is X(g) Xa for is a n But t h e n G1 Let , G2 ~ with every character of . Now , and the consists and n or x(g) G2 isomorphism for if onto, = e(a/n) dual groups G', Gl ,~ G1 l G2 9 G 2l X 2 E 9 G 2l on the classes, modulo shown = X(1) the d i r e c t of p a i r s G ll ~ = x(g n) = n that 1 one , and every , so for s o m e G I' , G 2' (Xl,X 2) we with associate It is e a s i l y into product character that a .

M-1. ~ + a d ( X - x ) d . where -~X (~) Suppose is X h (X, Y) Proof. k is that a d(x- a~ = 0 for the of characteristic = h(X,X h(X,Y) . ~ p > 0 ~ Let ) Then for ~ < ~ , = E ( ~ ) h ( X , X p~) X "partial" hyperderivative with respect to 9 By l i n e a r i t y , = xayb + follows. some p o l y n o m i a l ~ . , lemma i m p l i e s E(~)r(X) O

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