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SHAKTI SURABHI BIO power PLANT on your again backyard

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Globale Produktionsstrategien in der Automobilzulieferindustrie: Erfolgsmuster und zukunftsorientierte Methoden zur Standortbewertung

Standortentscheidungen sind Grundsatzentscheidungen von h? chster strategischer Bedeutung. Vielfach beruhen sie auf wenigen, vorrangig monet? ren Aspekten. Automobilzulieferer agieren bei Auslandsproduktionsstrategien besonders dynamisch. Die Autoren analysieren Zukunftstrends, Erfolgsmuster und Entscheidungsfaktoren.

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Zhang and Skolnick developed TASSER, a threading template assembly/refinement approach, for ab initio prediction of protein structures (Zhang and Skolnick, 2004). The test of TASSER on a comprehensive benchmark set of 1489 single-domain proteins in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) with length below 200 residues showed that 990 targets could be folded by TASSER with an RMSD < ˚ in at least one of the top five models. 5 A TASSER are derived in a different way than in Rosetta. 7 residues on average) than the segments used by Rosetta (which are 3–9 residues).

This technique has been applied in solving the structures of large biological machines/macromolecular complexes, such as viruses, ion channels, ribosomes, and proteasomes. In cases where no experimental high-resolution structures are available, computational models of the individual proteins may instead be used in fitting. In addition, intermediateresolution cryo-EM density maps are helpful for improving the accuracy of comparative protein structure modeling in those cases for which no template for modeling can be found by a sequence-based search or a threading method.

The combinatorial assembly of domains is formulated as the problem of finding the spanning tree in a graph (where each substructure is a vertex, and an SVNY330-Xu-Vol-I November 2, 2006 16:58 1. A Historical Perspective and Overview 25 edge between two vertices presents the interaction of the two substructures), and a heuristic polynomial solution to this computational hard problem has been provided. Jones et al. , domain docking and microdomain folding, to model complete chains of selected CASP6 targets.

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