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By Julia Annas, Alfred R. Mele, Martha C. Nussbaum, John McDowell, Richard Kraut, John M. Cooper, Rosalind Hursthouse, Nancy Sherman, J. L. Ackrill, Myles F. Burnyeat, Marcia L. Homiak, T. H. Irwin, L. A. Kosman

The ethics of Aristotle (384-322 B.C.), and advantage ethics regularly, have obvious a resurgence of curiosity during the last few a long time. not do utilitarianism and Kantian ethics all alone dominate the ethical panorama. moreover, Aristotelian subject matters fill out that panorama, with such concerns because the significance of friendship and feelings in an outstanding existence, the function of ethical notion in clever selection, the character of happiness and its structure, ethical schooling and habituation, discovering a strong domestic in modern ethical debate. The essays during this quantity symbolize the easiest of that discuss. Taken jointly, they supply an in depth research of imperative arguments in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. yet they do greater than that. every one exhibits the long-lasting curiosity of the questions Aristotle himself subtly and complexly increases within the context of his personal modern discussions.

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D. Keyt, "Intellectualism in Aristotle," in Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, vol. ii, ed]. P. Anton and A. Preus (Albany, 1983),364-87, offers a plausible account of Bk X. If, however, the account in X identifies contemplation with the whole of happiness, Aristotle is still more influenced by the demand for stable happiness than I allow. 19. For a clearer grasp of the causal claims I am indebted to Susan Sauve and Gail Fine. Cooper and McDowell rely on the causal claims in ways that lead them to underestimate the role of fortune in happiness; see nn 9, 12.

But perhaps it means (2) "no one thinks we are happy then. " In that case the point might be only that we need some good luck, and that bad luck can destroy happiness. If only (2) is meant, the position in the EN is consistent and different from the one in the EE. 23. It is useful (as A. A. Long suggested to me) to compare the notion of a "complete action" in Poetics 1451a30-5, which allows quantitative addition that does not increase the qualitative completeness of the complete whole. 24. Some difficulty has reasonably been found in reconciling this view with 1l01a16-21.

Clark, Aristotle's Man (Oxford, 1975), 154. Permanent Happiness: Aristotle and Solon 31 16. J. Woods, Budemian Ethics (Oxford, 1982), 55), eudaimon and makarios have to be used interchangeably. Unless they are, the argument of 1l00b33-1101all is unintelligible. 17. "Unhappy" represents atblios, used as the contrary, not the mere negation, of eudaimon. Cf. , OT 1204, Seneca, Epistolae Morales 92. 22, mentions the appropriate distinction, between non beatus and miser. 18. This notion of dominance is used by Antiochus in his defence of an (allegedly) Aristotelian view in Cicero, de Finibus V.

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