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By Louise Pelletier

The essays during this assortment concentrate on the most important moral matters principally absent from the perform of structure over the past centuries. The individuals are conscious of a difficulty in our culture's recommendations of structure and desire to make sure a better destiny relevance for the self-discipline. An enlightened dialogue of all suitable elements of structure indicates the need for revision of normally held assumptions concerning the nature of architectural heritage, conception, illustration, and ideation; the creation of constructions within the post-industrial urban; ethics. those themes give you the foundation for the 14 interdisciplinary papers provided right here. The introductory part contains an exam of the epistemological origins of expertise within the early smooth ecu context and substitute visions of ethics and its capability relevance for structure. the second one half provides 4 views on vital questions on how we characterize constructions and the moral values concerned with that illustration. The e-book considers the position of philosophical ethics (ie. a rational constitution of different types in architectural perform) and the prospect, and desirability, of incorporating moral reflections into the new release of architectural shape. It explores choices for articulating a moral angle in types of discourse except philosophy and technology.

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Sur un domaine aussi diversifié et encore relativement controversé, de sorte que je m'en tiendrai à l'examen de quelques exemples choisis. There is a strong feeling that thé multitudinous traditional ways of making and creativity are slowly being absorbed into one dominant way of making and thinking. This process of homogenization is not new, but it bas reached unprecedented levels today. To see thé différence, it is enough to recall thé nature and thé depth of discussions, in thé early décades of thé présent century, about creativity in différent domains of culture, about thé relation between art and science or technology, about thé nature and status of thé applied arts, industrial design, and so on - in such movements, for example, as thé Werkbund, l'Esprit nouveau, l'Architecture vivante, Futurism, Constructivism, etc.

In other words, universal reality can be known by the art whereby it was made. "35 The identity of understanding and creation was the last condition needed to open the door for mechanics to become the critical discipline in the formation of science and technology. It is important to see that it was not utilitarian and purely technical interests but a metaphysical quest that gave mechanics such a privileged position. It was in the domain of mechanics that the mathematization of physical movement could be investigated or explored and finally accomplished.

Ce nouveau savoir, conçu comme universellement productif, n'était en réalité qu'une construction hypothétique, une invention, une façon de s'approprier la réalité et le pouvoir grâce à la représentation instrumentale. Celle-ci ne renvoie plus à l'univers tel qu'il se présente (l'univers naturel), mais uniquement à un modèle de l'univers dont le paradigme est l'expérimentation et l'ultime cadre de référence, l'atelier ou le laboratoire. L'art renvoie obligatoirement à son contexte culturel, qu'il représente de façon symbolique.

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