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This measurement is only a starting point and is for small-diameter arrows. The tuning will help you set the nocking point. Now tie a bottom nock below the arrow nock. Equipment and Tuning Tips | 21 Check Limb Alignment Now it is time to check the limb alignment. Nock an arrow on the string and lean the bow against a chair. Find the center of the limbs either by putting a piece of tape on the limbs and then measuring to the center and marking or, as I prefer, using Beiter blocks, which have marks on them so you can see the center of the limb.

The shot sequence also creates a solid foundation for the mental routine you need to follow to stay focused in competition. The most important goal of the shot cycle is to allow you to shoot every shot with holding. Holding is the feeling of being completely braced in the bow and able to withstand its force. 1 shows a basic diagram depicting the shot cycle and outlining the thirteen basic steps of shooting. 1 Thirteen basic steps create the shot cycle and give you a sequence of events to follow for each shot.

Determine Bow Length A bow does not have a set length for a specific height, so you’ll want to try several configurations. When choosing a bow length, choose a setup with the least amount of finger pinch. Finger pinch is the amount of pinch created on the fingers when you are at full draw. For example, a 64-inch bow would have more finger pinch than a 70-inch bow. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to try a long bow length. Recurve bows look fairly long compared to compound bows. Initial Setup Steps First, use a bow stringer to string the bow.

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