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Of the three. mass in an aqueous solution It and mass when in the form of the metal (reference Table VIII). 235 U concentrations are, however, smaller than those of 23gPu, by up to a factor diameter by geometry" of U or Pu that is diameter. by geometry" safe for which are of such the concentrations These "safe therein. sea" concentration the most part, for concentrations of cylinder inherently criticality in some other sphere of the proper that for the minimum quantity be made critical function ratio (that "infinte sea of water).

85) lattices with becomes insignificant billets there was no evidence in minima would prevail at the larger such large - rod size. units beAttempts have proved marginal. Then, in the case of large cality prevention, be avoided. the triangular billets, lattice, and in the interest with its smaller of critimass, should 33 F. LIMITING CRITICAL FUEL ROD CONCEPT. (WHEN LARGER IS BETTER - SAFER) Questions billets concerning frequently the criticality arise in connection such as in the extrusion large of large process with in which fuel fuel rods, slabs, element tubes and fabrication, are extruded from billets.

Computed Critical Volume as Water is Added to 30/70 PuO2/ U02 at 7 g/cm' 40 2. The Reduction in Mass of the Sphere . L- The next reduction in critical addition of water 15) serves mass that to oxide lines show the increase sity of the mixed oxides. at reduced possible the reduced density oxides with The Paradox of the Infinite The following that, will to those there size The effect was first in detail additional the critical saturation because it will in the previous in critical can actually of demonstrates be directly examples; mass with op- not only added scatterers, be increased.

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