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By Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

Angel Tech is a advisor for the belief of the Multidimensional Self. the nice neurological scripts of the earlier are synthesized and modernized for our day: Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra approach and extra are all made obtainable and comprehensible.

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KM: A hell of a lot of hard work. Chip. CD: Right. Of course (coughs). KM: You see, once I realized my life was a mess, I couldn't pretend to be a real, together guv anymore. " In fact, I've never felt so damned ignorant in all my life. Not stupid.. ignorant.. there's a difference. So, my life was a mess. I wasn't eating right. I was being evicted from my apartment for not paying rent because I was fired from work and on top of all this, my girlfriend dumped me. I mean, I did all the right things with her..

Victims do not exist unless we have defined one or two other role players: "saviors" and/or "persecutors," both of whom need victims to stay alive. This holy trinity of emotional game playing can be creatively destroyed by simply choosing to save ourselves and/or providing our own punishment by playing the game intentionally. Emotions can be expressed in a playful spirit by remembering, it's just a game. Winning is important to the self-esteem nurturing our autonomy. There are a lot of ways to win but perhaps the most direct is finding the freedom we have to express ourselves.

What is important? Without this link, the communication of our ideas becomes, at best, vague and at worst, standardized. The spectrum of meaning vacilitates between two extreme degrees of significance: Life is either 1) Too Meaningful to talk about and/or 2) Too Meaningless to bother with. If your values become to closely focused into either of these two "red zones", your capacity for communication will deteriorate along with the overall degree of your Conceptual Intelligence. This is one way normal people inadvertantly become Air-Heads.

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