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By James Henry Breasted

Quantity three of "Ancient files of Egypt" opens at the chaotic aftermath of King Akhenaten's non secular revolution. Breasted chronicles the precarious reigns of Akhenaten's successors and the political and felony reforms of King Horemheb, who succeeded to the throne after the passing of the final contributors of the royal kin. This quantity includes the $64000 edict of Horemheb, meant to avoid the oppressive abuses attached with the gathering of taxes from the typical humans, and the inscriptions of Roy, excessive priest of Amon, displaying the 1st transmission from father to son of the workplace of the excessive priest. within the context of an extended heritage of mutilating and changing reliefs for political reasons, Breasted discusses the insertion right into a aid of the determine of Ramesses II as a way to strengthen his declare to the throne. This quantity additionally comprises the treaty of alliance that sealed peace with the Hittites below Ramesses II; a chain of files that checklist the invasion of Libyans and Mediterranean Sea humans through the reign of Merneptah; and, the nice Temple of Abu Simbel, the main impressive of the rock-cut temples of Egypt. this primary whole paperback variation of Breasted's five-volume "Ancient documents of Egypt" makes to be had to a brand new viewers a milestone in Egyptology and within the compilation of documentary histories. essentially annotated for the lay reader, the files supply copious facts of exchange family members, development actions, diplomatic envoys, international expeditions, and different elements of a full of life, hugely prepared, and centrally managed society. Breasted's remark is either carefully documented and available, suffused with a contagious fascination for the occasions, the personalities, the cultural practices, and the sophistication those documents point out.

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HFragments of three lines more are visible. %Proceedingto the right side (miscalled left by Bouriant). This text is so fragmentary that I have made no attempt to indicate the length of the lost portions, or my own omissions. iTw >. Q 631 XII. EDICT OF HARMHAB NARRATIVES OF THE KING'S 31 REFORMS, CONTAINING ALSO AN ENACTMENT AGAINST CORRUPT JUDGES (LL. 3-71 Appointment of Two Judges 63. 3 1 have improved this entire land - - - I have sailed it, as far as south of the wall,a I have given , I have learned its whole interior, I have traveled it entirely in its midst,b I have searched in 4lrand I have sought two officialsl~perfect in speech, excellent in good qualities, knowing how to judge the innermost heart,d hearing the words of the palace, the laws of the judgment-hall.

GA greeting accorded only to royalty. " iThe phrase so common in the folk-tales. IBirch has "house," but it is not to be gotten from his text. kAbout one-eighth line. 'Amon. Q 291 CORONATION INSCRIPTION I7 order to give to hima his office and his throne. of giving his offerings. Then he presented himself to this prince, the hereditary prince, head (br-d' d ') of the Two Lands, Harmhab. Marriage to Mutnezmet 28. He proceeded to the palace, he brought him before him to the shrinec of his revered eldest daughter 16- - -.

He1 saw the majesty of this god, Horus, lord of Alabastronpolis, his son being with him as king, introduced in aThoth. " CAbout one-quarter line. dThe feminine pronoun in this passage refers to "usage" (1. 8). OCompare the duties of the vizier, Rekhmire, $692, 1. 22, and 5 706, 1. 29. gA greeting accorded only to royalty. " iThe phrase so common in the folk-tales. IBirch has "house," but it is not to be gotten from his text. kAbout one-eighth line. 'Amon. Q 291 CORONATION INSCRIPTION I7 order to give to hima his office and his throne.

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