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Faraway from the hurry of the massive cities,in tropical jungles and in arid regions,in remoted coasts and mountains,or the place else the sunshine of bulb is rare,millions of individuals nonetheless wait forthe advantages of the electricity.Stand-alone renewable power systemsmake it attainable to provide power to those regions;this paintings is a contribution to the perception ofsystems of excessive functionality and reliability.

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It was the first widely popular multilevel topology and it continues to be extensively used in industry applications. Later, the NPC inverter was generalized for a greater number of levels, using the same concept of diode-clamped voltage levels, what resulted in the current designation of diode clamped converter [74]. 2 - Diode clamped topology (p = 3). 2, the 3-levels NPC inverter uses capacitors to generate an intermediate voltage level and voltages across the switches are only half of the DC input voltage.

While multiple transformer and multi-winding transformer topologies attend all characteristics, the H-bridge topology with multi-winding transformer does not support full 4-quadrant operation. 2). It is also important to mention that the design of the H-bridge and multiple-transformer topologies may include subtraction of voltages. Both designs were considered for the multiple-transformer topology but only Analysis, design and implementation of a high efficiency multilevel converter 20 addition of levels was considered for the H-bridge (because it is not bi-directional, what could result in capacitors oversize).

2 Multilevel waveform resolution Design of the multilevel waveform resolution depends on many factors, such as DC input voltage range, AC output voltage range, internal voltage drops and allowed THD contents. 9. 9 - Approximated minimum voltage regulation as a function of p (THD < 5 %). 7 <1 THD : up to 50th harmonic. 9 corresponds to the minimum voltage regulation that can be achieved for Mi=1. 9. For example, if voltage compensation of about 40 % is needed to compensate all mentioned factors (while THD < 5 % and voltage regulation within + 5 %), then minimum number of levels that must be used is 12.

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