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​The stabilization of volatile states hidden within the dynamics of a approach, specifically the regulate of chaos, got a lot recognition within the final years. during this paintings, a widely known keep watch over technique referred to as behind schedule suggestions keep an eye on is utilized for the 1st time totally within the all-optical area. A multisection semiconductor laser gets optical suggestions from an exterior Fabry-Perot interferometer. The keep an eye on sign is a phase-tunable superposition of the laser sign, and provokes the laser to function in an differently volatile periodic nation with a interval equivalent to the time hold up. The regulate is noninvasive, as the mirrored sign has a tendency to 0 whilst the objective nation is reached.

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It is probed, if and how the FP feedback can influence properties of stable stationary states and of stable selfpulsating states. First of all, these experiments prove the functioning of the control setup. Resonant feedback from a FP cavity has a clear impact on the laser dynamics, and especially a deliberate adjustment of the latency phase ϕ is possible. This is of utmost importance, because only a finite range of ϕ can be used for noninvasive control. In the remaining range of the phase period feedback-induced states appear.

1), and a more comprehensive numerical investigation of the control parameter space is given (Sec. 2). 1 Stabilization of an Unstable Focus in Experiment The Freerunning Bifurcation The ITL is set to a regime shortly after a supercritical Hopf bifurcation. Here, a focus loses stability and a stable T0 -periodic orbit is born. Fig. 2 sketches the phasespace before (a) and after (b) the bifurcation. Before the bifurcation, a stable focus exists (black dot in Fig. 2 (a)). A system trajectory (arrowed line) moves towards the steady state.

Instead, the transmitted signal is monitored, and the laser emission is adjusted by a maximization of the transmitted power. A large-area infrared (IR) photodiode placed behind the FP detects the mean transmitted power |Et |2 . From the level of |Et |2 it is possible to conclude for the power |Eb |2 coupled back to the laser. Actually, only a ‘relative FP transmission’ can be measured. The detected ‘relative FP transmission’ is the spectrally integrated power transmitted by the FP, divided by the spectrally integrated power of the freerunning laser without FP, but in the same point of operation.

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