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33 cont. / Among the Akha for the most part children are adopted only after they are able to eat, since only at this age is there any guarantee that the child will not die prematurely. A purchase price of about twenty rupees is paid for a boy and about ten for a girl, with which all the formalities are settled once and for all. Blood brotherhood among the Meau is entered into only by men who are devoted friends. Only the free will of the participants is decisive in this case. If two men have agreed to enter into blood brotherhood with each other, a chicken is slaughtered by cutting its throat.

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Bernatzik), after his arrival, he was entertained. Once or twice he became suspicious and became sick with grief. The attention, the flattery, and the outward demonstrations of friendliness were redoubled. He - /15 cont. / recovered and hoped for the best. " -- According to the description, however, rhe Chinese were only "saving" the subjugated Meau for their festivals. Savina (2) /see footnote 2 above/ is therefore justified in maintaining that the Chinese used many strategems and were no less cruel than the Meau, assuming that the latter were actually cruel.

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