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DEFCON-2: Standing on the Brink of Nuclear War During the Cuban Missile Crisis

The nearest we have ever come to the tip of the world"DEFCON-2 is the simplest unmarried quantity at the Cuban Missile trouble released and is a crucial contribution to the historical past of the chilly conflict. past the army and political evidence of the concern, Polmar and Gresham cartoon the personalities that created and coped with the main issue.

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23 The Fallout Debate Moving Plowshare from conception to inception required traversing several hurdles. One was to determine which agency or agencies should have responsibility for overseeing it. In June 1957 the AEC decided to place the program under the auspices of the Division of Military Applications. The head of the division, General Alfred D. Starbird, was not certain that the Atomic Energy Act permitted the federal government to offer atomic technology to industry. He was certain, however, that he wanted to prevent the “wider dissemination” of what was potentially top-secret information.

There are herds of caribou out there,” explained Albert Johnson, an associate professor of botany. Teller did not appreciate the challenge. “There can’t be,” he responded. ” He clearly did not know that caribou during the winter foraged through the snow to get at lichen, grass, and twigs. 16 The only group in Alaska that evinced any excitement about Chariot was the Fairbanks media. C. W. Snedden of the city’s Daily News Miner portrayed Chariot as beneficial to the territory’s economy, and a week later the paper’s editors championed the shot.

Understanding the significance of this dispute requires a brief examination of the three measurements of radiation: roentgens, rads, and rems. Exposure to radiation is measured in roentgens, which is the amount of molecular ionization in a centimeter of dry air at the point at which water freezes (32° Fahrenheit). A rad, or “radiation absorbed dose,” is the amount of radiation a mass of matter, such as a human body, absorbs. A rem, or “roentgen equivalent in man,” refers to the relationship between the dose of radiation absorbed and its biological effect.

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