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The gain in power ΔΡ/Ρ is ί Δ VW», which is greater then the gain from increased mass flow alone. , less than the value of one-third of the simple axial momentum analysis and there is an added diffusional effect, as observed for ring-wing shrouds. The next step is to obtain a relation between Δ V/V«, and the magnitude and distribution of the applied radial forces, in order to estimate a power output from the geometry of the shroud or tip vanes. This requires a calculation of two coefficients a and β depending upon the distribution of vorticity connected with the shroud or tip vanes.

The airplane wing is perhaps the outstanding example of the use of a solid device to produce a differential pressure and velocity pattern by simple flow around a surface. 5 (turb) 0 l 1 1 1 0 5 10 15 -X Fig. 2 4 . Performance of tip-vane augmentor with various airfoils. ) 40 D. G. Shepherd power concentration ratio/? is defined as the ratio of the local wind kinetic energy available for harnessing to the energy available in the freestream flow without a concentrator. If V a v is the average local inviscid velocity at the rotor inlet and Vœ is the undisturbed freestream velocity then 3 R = (Yav/^oo) .

It was shown in Section II that the air velocity V at the actuator disk is given by (V^ + V e )/2, but if it is assumed that there is also another axial perturbation AV, induced by bound vorticity which does not affect the far wake, then V = i(Voo + Ve) + A V . Thus if A V can be made to occur, as by a special geometry, than Cp can be greater than i ? However, the A V created must not develop significant velocity perturbations in the wake, otherwise the power output will be reduced. One such method is to surround the actuator system with a vortex ring, which will create a A V without shedding vorticity.

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