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By Daizhong Su, Kai Xue, Shifan Zhu

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Designing and development injection molds shouldn't be a pricey trial and mistake technique. in attaining potent mildew building the perfect means through touching on this 3rd installment within the bestselling sequence. This ebook publications readers in putting off guesswork with severe mildew layout corresponding to gate place, form and dimension.

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Gray theory is suitable for solving uncertainty problems of poor information and small size of samples [2], which is a good remedy for these fuzzy mathematics defects. Since these index factors always belong to various levels, this research implements the optimization and evaluation for CoPS module partition scheme based on multi-level gray fuzzy evaluation approach considering multi target factors. Factor Set Based on DFX Evaluation Index Systems Based on DFX. DFX (Design For X) refers to designs related to phases of a product life cycle, where X can be assembly, processing, maintenance, cost and time [3].

123 (2001) Key Engineering Materials Vol. uk Keywords: Bearings, lubrication, High-low temperature cycling, Test platform, Solid lubricant. Abstract. In order to investigate the life of bearings lubricated by solid lubricant (BLSL), which are installed in the rotational parts of spacecraft, a test platform has been developed. The platform can test the life of BLSL working under the vacuum environment with high-low temperature cycle conditions. The test platform consists of three systems of loading, measurement, and power and speed control.

3. The function simulation waveform of direct digital synthesizer module The behavior simulation checked the correctness of logic design, it was an important part of RTL chip design. In the simulation, the module was simulated one by one and the whole system was simulated finally. The function simulation waveform of Interface module is shown in Figure 4. Fig. 4. The function simulation waveform of Interface module Experimental results and analysis The signal was collected by the oscilloscope. Figure 5 shows couple signals being sent to the control integrated power module to control Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT).

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