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If both communities and authorities fulfil their mutual responsibilities, this implies that they must organize accordingly and work out a new kind of relationship that is more open and more dynamic. This is the purpose of administrative decentralization which was established at the time of independence. While bringing the authorities closer to the people, these policies, at the same time, lead the people to take over all the functions from the State that their abilities qualify them to fulfil. The development structures established at different levels The People's Involvement in Development 57 throughout the nation and their purposes are: — seminars for middle-level staff which bring together cadres within an area to discuss specific topics of relevance to the activities.

It doesn't matter what form this involvement takes; it may be a contribution to a discussion, reading out loud, or writing, or making a furrow of the required depth and width. What is important is that the adult learner should be learning by doing, just a s — t o go back to my earlier e x a m p l e — a child learns to walk by walking. There is a second very fundamental determinant of adult education method. It is that every adult knows something about the subject he is interested in, even if he is not aware that he knows it.

This is significant for any expanded concept of development. For it will be impossible to move towards the innovative policies demanded for the remainder of this century without taking into full account what that process will require of women, who constitute the majority of the adult population of the developing world and who have been the classic non-participants in development. In their condition is found both a rationale and a catalyst for change. For some of the most compelling evidence of the failure of western models to solve the human problems of the 1960s and 1970s related to women; and this fact alone, if no other, constitutes reason enough for re-evaluation and redirection of these models.

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