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By Lorraine Holloway-White

Compilation through international well known medium, Lorraine: overlaying spirituality, mediumship and therapeutic.

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It will also show whom these ways are not for. Those of you who go for readings will be helped to see who may or may not be genuine mediums in order that you get a satisfactory reading. Spiritual gifts of the supernatural or paranormal type are not all given to everyone although many say they are. This book helps to show the truth of that statement in the eyes of the spirit world. That does not mean there are not other ways you can help in this work because there are. I hope that those of you who read this book do so with an open and trusting mind and that you find answers to many questions you might have.

Although much of the rest of the book is to help natural mediums and healers to develop, it is also for all to read as it teaches how to recognise who may be frauds and charlatans. When some of it was placed on a writing site for authors, it attracted a lot of attention from sceptics who said they enjoyed the practicality and no nonsense approach. It also answered many of their questions and they were interested to read more. My blog, A Sceptical Medium, has posts that are instructional as well as discussing my thoughts on many aspects of methods practised and taught today.

The medium concerned has a marvellous reputation and I was one of only two people chosen for her to give a reading to. As it turned out the other person never had their reading and I was therefore the only one she read for that day. As part of my mediumship, I sometimes receive automatic writing and during one of those sessions, I was told that I was to be given a reading in the near future when I least expected it. It was stated that the energy around me would be so strong that the person concerned wouldn’t be able to pass me over.

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