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In 1973, Ben Klassen introduced his association, the Church of the author (today known as Creativity). This publication, A Revolution in Values via faith, encompasses a collection of his writing from his newspaper, "Racial Loyalty" which focussed on parts: publication I, a comparability of Creativity with a few different religions (Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism - Roman, Catholicism - Greek Orthodox, Protestantism, Hinduism, The Nazi-Germanic faith, British Israel - id, Mormonism, Atheism and Odinism); and publication Ii, a hilarious assessment of bible tales titled "The Wildest tales Ever instructed" (includes "Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor," portraits akin to "The Hokey Miracles Attributed to J.C.," ; "The bizarre tale of the Rapture,"; "Christian Maniacs long past Berserk: The Salem Witchcraft Trials,"; "The Jewish God: A Vicious, Bloodthirsty Monster") and masses extra.

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There are so many misconceptions contained in the fraudulent assumptions of the Identity movement that it is hard to list them all. But I will try to sort them out. (1) There is not a shred of evidence that the Jewish tribal god of Yahweh existed in the supposed time of Abie, Ikey, and Jakey, or exists today, anymore than that Santa Claus or Mother Goose exists, or existed. (2) There is not a shred of evidence that Abraham, Isaac or Jacob (or Moses, for that matter) ever existed, and all indications are that they are no more than fictitious figments of the Jewish imagination.

We have already sketched the origins of the Mormon creed and find it is based on Solomon Spalding's fictional novel Manuscript Found. This was then picked up by Sidney Rigdon in Patterson's Print Shop in Pittsburgh several years after Spalding's death. Evidence points strongly that Rigdon deserves the credit for conceiving the idea of Mormonism and converting Spalding's Manuscript Found into a new religion. , whose more vocal and flamboyant talents were utilized to< spearhead and promote the new religion.

Creativity - A Comparison A. Basis of Belief. The Mormons claim they are Christians and believe in the Christian Bible. "Mainstream" Christians deny that Mormons belong to the Christian religion and want no part of their teachings, since Mormons idolize Joseph Smith above Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon above the Jewish-Christian Bible. Mormons ignore this accusation and claim that they believe in the Bible, as far as "the word" has been correctly handed down and translated, inferring that neither has been done.

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