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Globale Produktionsstrategien in der Automobilzulieferindustrie: Erfolgsmuster und zukunftsorientierte Methoden zur Standortbewertung

Standortentscheidungen sind Grundsatzentscheidungen von h? chster strategischer Bedeutung. Vielfach beruhen sie auf wenigen, vorrangig monet? ren Aspekten. Automobilzulieferer agieren bei Auslandsproduktionsstrategien besonders dynamisch. Die Autoren analysieren Zukunftstrends, Erfolgsmuster und Entscheidungsfaktoren.

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2 “ELEVATION” No 3 sets the elevation ordered on the elevation scale and reads the setting. “ELEVATION ”. No 3 then lays for elevation and makes final adjustments and reports “READY”. Figure 2-6: Normal Indirect Laying Sequence b. Indirect laying using the gunner’s quadrant. For indirect laying sequence using the gunner’s quadrant see the table at Figure 2-7. c. Ser Order Action 1 “BEARING” No 3 sets the bearing on the dial sight and lays for bearing. No 1 measures the bearing using the C of A marker.

He then reads the main scale, checks No 3’s record, and turns the sight onto his selected GAP 2. f. No 1 orders “LOOK, READ”. g. No 3 identifies GAP 2 by looking through and over the sight, reads the main scale, and records the reading on the record plate. h. No 1 reads the main scale and checks No 3’s record. B-GL-371-015/FP-001 ,” No 1 turns the sight 31 Gun Drill, 105 mm Howitzer, LG1 MK II i. No 1 orders “GAP 1”. j. No 3 turns the sight onto GAP 1. No 3 reports the main scale reading, closes the blanking ring, and reports the bearing on the slipping scale.

During FFE the guns will not be reloaded sooner than is necessary to maintain the rate of fire ordered. Applicable rules for time or CVT fuzes ordered as impact: (a) When the order “FUZE, M , IMPACT” is received, the rules for impact fuzes are followed, fuzes being set to the appropriate setting according to the fuze in use. For example, if using M582, the setting would be > 98. (b) When the order “TIME” is given, the rules for time or VT fuzes are followed, fuzes being set to burst in the air.

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