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4. You must have a semicolon or right brace before the else statement. THE switch STATEMENT Introduction You can use a switch statement when you want to check multiple conditions. It can also be done using an if statement but it will be too lengthy and difficult to debug. Program/Example The general format for a switch statement is switch (expressions) { case constant expressions } 36 Chapter 4: Control Structures Chapter 4: Control Structures 37 Example of a case constant expression and column: switch (i/10) { case 0: printf ("Number less than 10"); // A break; case 1: printf ("Number less than 20"); // B break; case 2: printf ("Number less than 30"); // C break; default: printf ("Number greater than or equal to 40"); break; } // D Explanation 1.

The number of iterations done by the for loop, 6, is equal to the array. 8. Using the output, you can verify that C is using row measure form for storing a two-dimensional array. Points to Remember 1. You can define a multi-dimensional array in C. 2. You have to provide multiple subscripts for accessing array elements. 3. You can access array elements by using a pointer. THREE-DIMENSIONAL ARRAY Introduction Just as with a two-dimensional array, you can define three-dimensional arrays and processing in a similar way.

2. The generalized form of the if directive is #if #endif 3. The condition (1>0) is absolutely not necessary here. It is given just to indicate how you can concatanate multiple conditions. 4. The condition defined (USD) is true only if the identifier USD is defined. 5. h is included and USD gets defined, the condition is evaluated as true and the currency rate is defined as 46. 6. In statement E, the condition is false because UKP is not defined. 7. In the statement H, the currency rate is 46.

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