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The gramme-atom of a substance represents of calories required to raise the temperature of one gramme ot that substance through the I number degree C. (See Heat, Atomic. 5, degree C. Atom of Atom of) Electricity. parts, parts. in 10,000 of carbonic acid gas (or about a cubic inch of carbonic acid to a cubic foot of air), and varying proportions of the vapor of water. '\ he oxygen, nitrogen and carbonic acid form the constant ingredients of the atmosphere, the vapor of water the variable ingredient.

The coils, A and B, then act as primaries, and C and D, as secondaries. In Ihe battery circuit is an interrupter I, which is caused to continually make and break the circuit. The coils are so secondary coils adjusted that the opposing little noise to one produce but listening at the telephone. This can readily be done by the adjusting of a single pair of coils. If a single coin or mass of metal be introduced between either A and C, or B and D, or even above one of the coils, as at d, the balance will be disturbed, since some of the induction is now expended in producing electric currents in the interposed metal, and a sound will therefore be heard in the telephone.

The joining pointing, be cor- meridian. } Average or Mean Electromotive Force. Force, dle is must rected. (See Regula- tomobile} (See which Axis of Abscissas. } Automobile Torpedo. } Automatically Regulable. may reading the in tion of the needle Automatic Time Cut-Outs. } axis true direct on in which magnetic Switch. ) ble, The magnetic the geometric axis of the needle. This leads to the needle Search, Automatic} tric The magnetic axis of a straight needle may be regarded as a straight line passing through the poles of the needle and its point of support.

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