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By Ernest Lepore, Kirk Ludwig

A better half to Donald Davidson offers newly commissioned essays by means of top figures inside of modern philosophy. Taken jointly, they supply a entire evaluation of Davidson’s paintings throughout its complete diversity, and an evaluate of his many contributions to philosophy.

  • Highlights the breadth of Davidson's paintings throughout philosophy
  • Demonstrates the continued impact his paintings has at the philosophical community
  • Includes newly commissioned contributions from major figures in modern philosophy
  • Provides an in-depth exposition and research of Davidson's paintings around the variety of components to which he contributed, together with philosophy of motion, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind
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Will, Freedom and Power. Oxford: Blackwell. Lanz, P. (1993). The explanatory force of action explanations. In Reflecting Davidson, R. ). Berlin: W. de Gruyter. Mayr, E. (2011). Understanding Human Agency. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press. I. (1961). Free Action. London; New York: Routledge and Kegan Paul. R. (2000). Goal-directed action: teleological explanations, causal theories, and deviance. Noûs 34:279–300. Sehon, S. (2010). Teleological explanation. In A Companion to the Philosophy of Action, T.

Mele 2000: 279); (ii) a refutation of attempts that were supposed to show that rationalizing explanations cannot be causal; and (iii) a positive account of the causal character of rationalizing explanations. 3. , ITI 159). What is missing in the Wittgensteinian proposals, however, is an account of how one could explain the occurrence of an action by merely showing that it fits into a certain pattern (EAE 10). According to Davidson, this is why the explanations should be regarded as causal. We know that causal explanations provide a possible way of explaining occurrences; it is therefore a good first guess to assume that action explanations are causal, too.

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