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By Ascheuer N., Junger M., Reinelt G.

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Because the summer season of 1973, whilst I turned a Burroughs learn Fellow, my lifestyles has been very diverse from what it were ahead of. The day-by-day regimen replaced: rather than going to the collage every day, the place I used to spend so much of my time within the corporation of others, I now went there just one day every week and used to be more often than not -that is, while no longer vacationing!

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According to Frederick Jackson Turner’s popular “frontier thesis,” economic expansion depended on finding a replacement for the dwindling supply of undeveloped western land. In July 1945, Bush boldly named that precious new resource: information. The same month that his Atlantic Monthly article appeared, he also presented President Harry Truman with “Science—The Endless Frontier,” a report recommending the creation of a National Research Foundation. ” So emerged the postwar zeitgeist of techno-utopianism.

Perhaps most fittingly, William Gibson, the man who first coined the word and even the very concept of “cyberspace” in his novel Neuromancer, also prophesied a nightmarish future of information overload disease called Nerve Attenuation Syndrome, aka The Black Shakes. No matter how creatively we name it, however, the effects of information overload do not add up to one single debilitating syndrome that we can easily highlight, recoil in horror from, and muster a simple defense against. A careful review of thirty years of psychological research reveals a wide variety of effects from information and stimulus overload.

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