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By Mario Bussagli

With 397 illustrations in colour. The dirt jacket is rate clipped and has chips and closed tears to the extremities.

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The pottery of Kot-Diji (see fig. C. The city has a large citadel rising above the houses, encircled by thick defensive walls of unbaked bricks and uncut stone. About four hundred years after it was founded, Kot-Diji was razed to the ground in warfare. Obviously, the passage from 'culture' to civilization proper took place by degrees. There is no need to refer to the Mesopotamian influence to explain the existence of the large metropolises, especially since the plan of the Indus Valley cities is different from that of any other contemporaneous center.

The people who brought to an end the already decadent Harappan civilization were the Aryans. The struggles that the Rigveda relates extol the Aryan victories over the dark-skinned Dasyus and the destruction of the pur, the fortified cities that Indra, the war god of the Aryans, crushed by the hundreds with his deadly club. These, apparently, were the struggles that the Aryans undertook against the remaining forces of the Harappan civilization, even though the physical portrait of the stubborn defenders of Indian soil is dissimilar from that of the proto-Mediterranean type which became predominant over the bearers of the languishing proto- Indian civilization.

It is possible that, once it has been able to establish clearly the new requirements of the perpetually evolving peoples that form the two large nations of the Indian Union and Pakistan, Indian genius will once more offer mankind new forms and new stylistic and iconographic values, as it did for thousands of years in every field of figural art. In order that this may happen, however, fresh, lively sources of inspiration must take the place of fading religious values, especially among the better educated.

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