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If you are coming near near that vast milepost with under your ordinary birthday enthusiasm, open this booklet to find all of the ways that turning fifty could simply be the simplest factor but. The authors percentage quite a lot of principles for making this significant existence transition a time of chance, progress, and occasion. As Sheila Key writes within the advent: "What Peg and that i wish you will listen between those pages is the irrepressible rustling of pleasure — pleasure sufficient to make you bust out guffawing, certain, and the sort that comes from enhancing your psychological outlook and actual behavior, even a little. but in addition the straightforward pleasure of getting lived this lengthy, of having the ability to seem again over 5 complete a long time and ahead to who-knows-how-many extra; to not mention...the pleasure of residing extra mindfully within the ever-present Now." Bursting with anecdotes, actions, "things to aim at the very least once," recommendation from a savvy physician, and smart how one can bring it to mind all, this little quantity glints like a treasure...

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First they root through the alleys between your teeth, munching on stuck chunks of proteinaceous leftovers. Then they kick back in the Lowlife Lounge at the back of your tongue, slurping postnasal mucus and having a contest to see who can emit the most noxious gases. Charming, eh? If that doesn’t get you to floss, then you’re a hopeless halitophile. ) It’s not always easy to know if you have halitosis. Our noses are acclimated to our own odors; it’s hard to smell yourself, in other words. If you think you might have bad breath, ask someone you trust.

Way 37: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Way 38: Look Death Right in the Eye PART 4: HEART Way 39: Okay, Have a Crisis Already! Way 40: Lose It or Lose It! Way 41: Paint It Black Way 42: Make the Call Way 43: Party Hearty Way 44: Respect Your Elders Way 45: Respect Your Youngers Way 46: Touch & Glow Way 47: Love, Love, Love Way 48: Launch Your Legacy Way 49: Channel the Divine Way 50: Leave ’Em Laughing Acknowledgments Acknowledgments of Permissions Notes About the Authors “Doc in the Box” Contents BODY Way 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Bad Breath) Way 2: Love It or Change It?

Located in the head, chest, belly, hands, and feet, not only do these seven energy centers “power the grid,” sparking the chi to move, but just like other rechargeable batteries, they also accumulate and store energy for later use. The granddaddy of all dahn-jons is centered in the lower abdomen, about two to three inches below and behind the navel. In the Eastern view of body-as-car, that fire in your belly, that granddaddy of all dahnjons, is the motor. Ready to get yours running? COOL MOVES Stoke the Fire ( Dahn-jon Tapping) Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart.

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